Why Your Insurance Agency Needs to Consider a Cloud Solution


To be successful in today’s market, your insurance company needs to be constantly moving forward, keeping up with the competition and enhancing its reputation. Normally, insurance companies have a business continuity plan that helps you to adapt to different working practices and technology while continuing to run at the best capacity.  Often, these plans include adoption of a cloud solution.

Security and BDR

The worst thing that can happen to any company is the loss of critical and sensitive data. The loss of reputation and physical cost can close businesses for good. This is much more likely to happen if you depend solely on in-house hardware systems. If you have a break-in, or even a flood, all of your hardware backups will be useless. Using a cloud storage solution provides a backup and disaster recovery system that doesn’t rely on data stored onsite. Data can be backed up incrementally, meaning you pay less for storage as no data is stored more than once.

Randomized data encryption tools ensure your insurance business information has top of the range security protection, and packages that include keeping your business compliant with the latest storage regulations.

Cost efficient

Technology, especially hardware, undergoes constant updates and keeping up with the latest models can be extremely expensive. To update your entire business could cost thousands of dollars. With a cloud solution, constant hardware upgrades are no longer necessary. All the apps, support and storage you need can be provided by a cloud solution at a fraction of the cost it would take to buy and maintain your own equipment and IT department.

Cloud services offer a variety of packages to meet your business needs. Pay as you go deals mean you’re charged for the services you use, whilst fixed rate billing helps your monthly budget become predictable. Either way, you never pay for more than you use.

Instant access to information

Depending on your specialty, a lot of your insurance company’s business will be done out of the office either by remote workers or by agents who spend time in the field. Having access to up to date information is vital and adopting a cloud solution can give employees 24/7 access wherever you are. Not only will your agents be able to convey the most recent developments to your clients, the speed will increase their productivity. No more having to go back to the office between visits, or spending time on the cell trying to find information. This can also enhance client satisfaction and your reputation.


Insurance companies often need to scale their businesses to meet demand either through a surge in clients, rapid growth or a business acquisition. Cloud vendors offer packages that are tailored to your insurance company’s individual needs and can make the transition to being a larger business seamless and easy. Before you decide on a vendor, check their flexibility options, and make sure that they are right for your growing needs.

If you’re still unsure of what steps to take next, contact Stratosphere Networks and speak with one of our IT professionals. Their extensive knowledge of cloud systems and operations enables them to answer any questions you may have.