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Backup and Disaster Recovery
In the insurance industry, it is crucial that all files are backed up. The loss of client or billing information can bring up legal issues as well as discontentment within your client base. Here at Stratosphere Networks, we understand that disasters happen, and we also understand how important time is in the insurance business- This is why we have solid backup and disaster recovery plans set in place from the moment we start working with you. Additionally, we have support available to you around the clock, so if a disaster were to take place, it would be addressed and solved promptly.
Cloud Solutions
There is no question as to whether or not implementing the cloud would give your insurance company a competitive edge. We offer cloud computing solutions that seamlessly integrate with on premise technology, so that you or agents within the company can access any file or information they may need. Things are done more quickly and efficiently, saving your company time and increasing productivity and efficiency levels. Our cloud and virtualization solutions can allow full integration on all devices, allowing complete access to data on the road and in multiple locations, leading to increased production.
Document Management and Security
Insurance agencies have to deal with a large amount of files and documents on a daily basis. Instead of having to worry about tracking every single document, Stratosphere Networks perfects your IT infrastructure and manages your documents so that you don’t have to. This allows you to focus on what you do best- run your insurance agency. Not only do we manage your documents, but we additionally offer the best security you can find. Insurance agencies hold a large amount of confidential client information, making it crucial to have proper security measurements in place.
Web Design & SEO
Did you know that 89% of consumers use search engines for purchase decisions? Don’t be left in the dark. SEO (search engine optimization) is a huge factor in your companies’ success. Many consumers compare insurance rates and companies online before even contacting the company. At Stratosphere Networks, we have marketing and SEO experts on staff to optimize your website and marketing strategy so that you gain more leads. To tie it all together we also have web designers working alongside our SEO experts to ensure a flawless user experience.
Managed Service Provider
Stratosphere Networks provides complete server and network management that will make certain your technology infrastructure is being managed properly and set up with the best and most updated equipment so that your insurance agency can move forward and grow, putting you ahead of your competitors. We don’t want to be just your outsourced IT Company; we want to be a real part of your success. We have experts visit you on-site and additionally have them manage your services from off-site, too. Let Stratosphere push you to the top of the real estate industry!
Desktop Support
Stratosphere Networks offers desktop support that will surely exceed your standards. We create a plan and offer packages that are based on coverage, hours, and response time, so you get exactly what you need. If your agency has no in-house IT department, we can handle every task necessary. We will manage basic moves, changes, troubleshooting, viruses, spam, and installation of software and hardware. Time is of the essence, especially in the insurance industry. Don’t spend valuable time on your IT infrastructure; leave the IT work to Stratosphere.
PBX & Telecom Services
An insurance agency must have excellent communication capabilities. With our top of the line phone systems and partnerships with Avaya, Cisco, and ShoreTel we can implement our PBX and telecom services that will allow you to never miss a claim again. We offer carrier services including: dial tone, site-to-site technologies, hosted or on premise phone systems, VoIP, and more. Let our telecommunication sector be your helping hand in rising to the top. We offer services that are sure to meet your communication needs.
Live Help Desk
Here at Stratosphere Networks, we understand that you may need us at any given time of the day. That is why we make certain we are proactive and available for you around the clock, offering support from our IT experts. Unlike other IT companies, we like to address problems before they occur, which, is why we are constantly proactively monitoring your systems, and sending you while-you-sleep alerts to keep you updated. We can not only keep your systems running smoothly and seamlessly, but we will never leave you in the dark. With Stratosphere, you are walked through every last detail.