Cybersecurity Tips for Your Insurance Agency

Computer Security

The internet has brought the world together through speedy communication. It allows us to share ideas, programs, images, and various other forms of media in the blink of an eye. But so much connectivity also brings its fair share of problems, often related to security. Web attacks can come from anywhere, be it from dangerous malware or the attempts from a hacker. For a business, being unprepared for these malicious strikes can be devastating, especially when those attacks are able to obtain sensitive data like insurance. If your company is sweating the cyber-attack, here’s a few tips to protect precious business information.

Have the latest anti-virus software

This is the biggest given when connected to the net, and it applies to everyone. With numerous free options for anti-virus programs, with additional security options for businesses, it’s mandatory a company have the latest in protective software. These programs stop malware, identify foreign attacks, alert to malicious websites, and more. It’s the first step in safety.

Have an educated work staff

One of the biggest threats to cyber security is simple human error. Often viruses like Trojans or key-loggers only succeed because of a blunder on a person’s part. It happens to the best of us, but teaching work staff about what to watch out for is key in offering better protection. From identifying phishing scam emails to avoiding strange executables, a workforce with common sense will serve things best in the long run.

Have complex, routinely changed passwords

When people claim they’re hacked, they probably think of some complex process where a shady figure runs a page of equally complicated code. In reality, hackers and thieves succeed because they guess generic, easy to guess passwords. Your work staff should have diverse logins to remedy this, complete with random numbers, capital letters, and symbols. Frequently changing them also reduces risk someone will nab a password.

Protect your networks

If you’re using an on-site Wi-Fi, always be sure it’s protected by a solid password and firewall. If you want to offer Wi-Fi as a service to customers, keep the networks separate. Not doing so means strangers could gain access to your company’s personal network and steal valuable info.

Have a backup recovery plan

Even if you put forth the sternest security measures, there’s always a risk of being compromised. In this case, your insurance agency should absolutely have a recovery plan in place. Files should be backed up either through third party or external storage, rollbacks to information should be available, and alerts should be sent to everyone regarding data at risk. Speed is key, as the quicker current info is changed, the less value it has to those who stole it.

These are but a handful of tips to protect your business, and there are numerous more. Remember that the world is growing more connected with things like mobile devices, and that brings greater risk of intrusion. But, keeping common sense and setting protective software avoids most problems, and with these measures in place your insurance agency can rest easy.