The Benefits of Remote Work Capability for Your Insurance Agency


More and more insurance companies have begun to see the benefits of employing remote workers. Remote working does not mean the end of the office culture, there will always be a need for a hub. What remote working does offer is a more fluid alternative to the ‘presenteeism’ of in-house staff.

So what are the benefits for your insurance business?

Attracts and retains staff

Offering remote work employment can be a great way to tap into a whole new field of workers in the digital market, with many people now preferring to work from home due to other commitments such as child care. This flexibility has a positive effect on staff morale, which can mean higher insurance sales than when your workers are in the office worrying about getting back to pick up the children. Finding employment that can work around obligations means employees are less likely to leave.

Higher productivity

Contrary to popular belief, remote workers are actually more productive. They work when it suits them best, meaning their full attention is on the job at hand. There are fewer distractions than there would be in a noisy office filled with co-workers interrupting them. And while there are distractions from remote locations that present themselves in a different way, statistics show that productivity grows with remote working capabilities.

Cost effective

Remote workers in their own homes means less people in your office which means you need less office! Less space, less office supplies, less hardware and software and less utility use. One of the greatest savings when employing remote workers is the BYOD policy that comes with them – giving you more money to invest in your insurance business.

Cloud hosting and communication platforms, such as Skype and Huddle, can help to cut capital expenditure associated with in-house infrastructure, like servers, moving to an operational cost model where you only pay for what you need.

Less absenteeism

If an employee isn’t feeling well, the thought of the commute to work and the noisy office can make them call in sick for milder illnesses.  Working remotely means they can stay in their pajamas and work from the comfort of their own home, even if it’s at a slower pace. Any output is better than the zero you’d have from an office worker in the same conditions. As an added bonus, your employee isn’t spreading their cold through the office. Many people take time off work to look after a sick child too.  Remote work capabilities mean they are able to multi-task and still be productive.

Easier expansion

Having remote workers means that you don’t need to limit your company’s growth due to costs or the need to relocate; a lot of your workers are independent. Cloud services can offer tailored scalability packages that help companies that use remote workers to expand smoothly, maintaining the high standard of communication needed in the insurance industry.

Set-up for remote work capabilities can be daunting, but the benefits are plentiful.  If you’re looking to expand your working capabilities, Stratosphere Networks can help.  Call us at (877)599-3999 or fill out our contact form to speak with one of our IT professionals today. They will provide you with options and ideas to grow your business.