8 Do’s and Don’ts for Gadgets in Warm Weather

Spring has come once again and soon enough, so will summer. While everyone is busting out their shorts and tanning lotion, they’re bringing on the tech too. The increase in work from home opportunity makes for an appealing option to work in unique locations. But, amidst all the flowery frolic, it’s easy to forget that while we appreciate the warm weather, hardware is a different story.

Even in spring, there are a few things to do (and not do) as spring rolls around. To help, here’s a quick list of basics to make sure your mobile tech doesn’t turn into a popsicle on the sidewalk.

The Do’s

Mind Your Usage

No matter what you’re bringing, any mobile savvy device uses electricity when in operation. As such, they generate heat. This isn’t typically a problem, as we often have our things safe in a pocket, but when exposed to sunlight, it’s a different story. So be careful with your usage. Full powered screens exposed to hours of daylight can heat those devices quick and cause potential damage.

Use in Shade

Adding to the sunlight debacle, it’s best to use devices under cover of tree or anything casting a shadow. It’s easier to see the screen and won’t directly assault the little hardware with beams of light.

Charge Inside

Especially important for laptops, when recharging your devices, do it inside. This is a process which will make everything hot, fast, so it’s important it’s done in the coolest place possible. Additionally, recharge things out of direct sunlight.

Turn Off

When finished, especially after lots of use on a hot day, it’s best to power down tech stuff entirely. They still use power when idle which, again, contributes to heat.

The Don’ts

Leave In Sunlight

There’s nothing more dangerous to a gadget than leaving it in direct sunlight (especially outside). All this additional heat runs risk of damaging the device and causing things to bog down completely.

Use in Certain Environments

We get it, getting work done and enjoying the beach at the same time sounds like a win-win. Unfortunately, it’s a complete hazard to the actual hardware. When devices are used in a rough environment, exposed to water, heat, sand, or other elements, they run risk of physical damage. You may appreciate the warm sand, but your laptop vents don’t.

Improper Storage

When working from your hammock on a Friday afternoon, enjoy the weather but don’t leave your devices unattended. A large majority of broken devices come as a result of being dropped or falling. Even when inside, you still need to make sure your devices are placed in cool environments, especially when in use. Their fans will only do so much, even in a warm room.

Leaving In Car

Ever cracked open your car only to be greeted by a ball of thick, scorching heat? That’s because they’re metal boxes which build up heat and have no area for ventilation. Leaving anything inside is sure way to guarantee damage.

So while you get excited this year as you say farewell to the cold, just remember where your gadgets are and how you use them. It’s easy to remember and easy to do!